I D TECH™ ACCESS has been developed by CANCOM for the Security Industry. I D TECH™ ACCESS is the most advanced system on the market when it comes to Visitor & Vehicle Identification and Verification. The system enables our clients to create an electronic database movement in & out of the Estate or Access Controlled area by Scanning & Verifying the Vehicle Licence Disc and South African Driver's Licence.

Other details such as Cell Phone Number, Stand / Residential Address and Signature can also be captured.
I D TECH™ ACCESS is the perfect system for Residential Estates, Golf Estates, Golf Clubs, Corporate Buildings and Office Parks or anywhere, that requires accurate and verified information of the vehicles & visitors. The system provides “LIVE” verified information at your fingertips. I D TECH™ ACCESS is customisable to suite each clients specific needs.

Key Features

  • Verification of South African Driver's Licence & Vehicle Licence Disc

  • Scan & Capture Accurate Data in Under 30 Seconds

  • Live Electronic Database

  • Web Based

  • Search Engine

  • Management Reports

  • Ability to Flag Offenders / Suspicious Vehicles