I D TECH™ DRIVE has been developed by CANCOM for the Retail Motor Industry. I D TECH™ DRIVE allows our clients to scan, verify, authenticate & capture accurate details from the South African Driver's Licence of their clients when a vehicle is used for Test Drives, Loans and company vehicles used by staff.

Test Drive Indemnity Forms & Vehicle Loan Forms are generated and stored electronically. I D TECH™ DRIVE is ultimately designed to take care of the liability created by Traffic Fines. In conjunction with CANCOM’s TRAFFIC FINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM we are able to identify the correct offender electronically and redirect the traffic fine to the correct offender, therefore removing the liability incurred from the client. This system has been developed in accordance with the AARTO Act.

This system also doubles as a management tool, allowing the owner to successfully view where their vehicles (assets) are at any given time.

Key Features

  • Verification of South African Driver's Licences & Vehicle Licence Discs.

  • Electronic Storage of Data & Test Drive/Loan Vehicle Forms.

  • Redirection of Traffic Fines & Electronic Traffic Fine Management.

  • User Friendly.